The brain is the control midpoint of the organism and therefore its disorders influence other organs that are not capable to perform functions in such cases. A stroke is one of the most dangerous threats to the work of the body. This is a violation of cerebral circulation that can lead to invalidity or even death. It is especially important to recognize the main symptoms and provide first aid immediately because brain cells die almost instantly. The correct reaction can greatly facilitate treatment for stroke.

What causes a stroke?

There are two basic kinds of brain stroke. The ischemic one is the most prevalent. It occurs when blood clots or fat deposits block vessels so that blood cannot circulate normally. Hemorrhagic stroke arises as a consequence of the rupture of tubules. Blood flows from them, accumulates, and begins to press on the brain tissue.

But you should understand what causes a stroke in the first place. People with bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, are at risk. These are also those who lack physical activity and have obesity. To prevent disorders, persons need to consume fewer sweets that increase blood sugar and cholesterol due to which the walls of vessels weaken. Serious factors are high pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.

Symptoms of stroke

Certain signs help to identify the problem before the outcomes are irreparable. They are quite visible, so it is difficult not to notice them. Pay attention to:

  • Complete or partial numbness of the muscles, impaired coordination. Very often a person can’t raise his hand or a smile twists on the face.
  • Problems with the speech apparatus. When it seems somebody pronounces words indistinctly or has disorientation and doesn’t understand what is going around, these are possible symptoms of a stroke.
  • Sharp headache with vomiting, distraction, pain in the extremities, exacerbated by movement.
  • Impossibility of self-care. These can be problems with self-dressing, combing, holding a spoon or toothbrush.

We can add such points to stroke causes as disorders with emotional control, being in a depressed mood, a violation of the sense of time space, loss of memory, and weak ability to remember something new.

Stroke treatment

Treatment for stroke is a complicated path to recovery. First of all, a doctor provides a physical examination and MRI scan. Only in such a way it is possible to establish clearly whether it is a stroke or temporary brain attack. In the case of a brain attack, the doctor prescribes drugs to prevent new cases. However, if a situation is more serious, a patient has to take medication courses with exercises to restore muscle and brain functions. On severe occasions, people do not fully become healthy, but stroke treatment significantly improves the condition.

It is necessary to turn to clinics, for example, Advanced Medical Care, where specialists offer help. The symptoms do not go away on their own, the condition can only get worse. Experts will consider not only the consequences but also the stroke causes that accelerate the process of curing. A brain stroke is not an easy disorder, but right curing can solve everything.

Our Doctors

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