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Advanced Medical Care is one of the best treatment centers in Queens, NY. Today the need to see a neurologist becomes more and more important. There are a lot of issues that make our neurological system suffer, such as: stress, psychological problems, the lack of sleep, bad nutrition, climate conditions and others. If people turn a blind eye to such posers, they may end up with different illnesses. So, making a visit to the doctor regularly is a must nowadays.

The team of neurologists in Queens realizes how vital for each patient it is to get professional service and exclusive attention. They struggle to improve the health of society by putting client’s interests first and doing their best to make any trip to the doctor pleasant.

Symptoms of neurological disorders

When should you see a specialist? The first sign to think about is neuropathic pain, which may be the result of illness or peripheral nervous system damage. Secondly, if there are troubles with constant sudden feelings of stabbing or burning in some parts of the body, brain and spinal conditions. Anyway, you shouldn’t pass over these symptoms, because they may result with various repercussions.

Diagnostics of neurological conditions

The specialists of the best neurology hospital in Queens have baggage of experience working with similar issues, so don’t be afraid to trust them. Depending on your individual type of pain they will fully examine your body, using complete physical examination tests, diagnostic studies and other modern technologies, to diagnose the illness and propose all possible variants of curing.

There is a vast list of neurological conditions that are treated at Advanced Medical Care, among them:

  • stroke;
  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • muscle or nerve disorders;
  • migraines;
  • chronic muscle pain;
  • headaches;
  • tumors;
  • Parkinson’s illness;
  • myalgia etc.


Dr. Dolgovina is board-certified in Neurology and Sleep Medicine
Dr. Marina Neystat is a board-certified neurologist, Affiliate Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, and co-owner of Advanced Medical Care

Do you need to see a neurologist?

  • Do you take frequent pain killers?
  • Do you have unexplained numbness or weakness in your arms or legs or face?
  • Do you have episodes of dizziness or falls?
  • Do you have episodes of loss of or altered consciousness?
  • Do you have pain persistent in your back, arms, or legs?

If you said yes to any of these questions, we recommend you make an appointment to see Dr. Neystat or Dr. Dolgovina.

Best Neurologist in Queens NY

Neurologist Queens provides an excellent service with an individual approach to each patient. Additionally, the clinic offers discussing with the patient all probable therapy options. For example, transportation, or including examination during day-time. This medical center is one of the best neurological care facilities in the city. For the patient’s convenience staff members can communicate in English and Spanish, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Hebrew. Academy of neurology ensures that you will receive the highest class of neurological care with modern equipment and welcoming atmosphere. 

✅ How can I make a same-day appointment with a neurologist in Queens ❓

If your daily routine is tough and multi-task, we are ready to help you with all your hustle and bustle! Call us in the morning and be sure that you will make a visit to our clinic in the evening!

✅ How can I find a Queens neurologist who takes my insurance ❓

If you are afraid to trust a new specialist, you may be certified in top neurologist`s Queens professionalism. The service offers best insurance for each patient to make a trusting relationship between doctors and clients.

✅ How can I book an appointment online with a neurologist in Queens ❓

Not to take your time, there is an opportunity to book an appointment with a top neurologist Queens online on the website by feeling in your contacts and selecting a suitable date for your visit. It's free and convenient, especially during quarantine measures.

Advanced Medical Care doctors carry out diagnostic, therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation procedures using modern equipment

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